Good Bookkeeping Habits for Chiropractors: Part 2



by Joy Carns


This is a scary one. Many Chiropractors abdicate control of their bookkeeping, financial, and banking processes. Usually there are loose or no controls. Heaven forbid, you end up with an unscrupulous employee… If you believe I am exaggerating, google “Chiropractor employee embezzlement” and witness the 100s of cases. Use this link to see one prime example of an employee who ripped off a trusting and unsuspecting Chiropractor.


Here is an interesting article written specifically to Chiropractors on How to Minimize your Risk of Fraud.


You need to establish sound bookkeeping, financial, and banking controls at your practice. For example, no one other than you should have access to the banking records whether online or paper. Have your practice’s bank statements sent to your home address if you are using snail mail or delivered to your PRIVATE email inbox if you receive them in electronic form.  Apply this along with the other financial controls I recommend, and you will make it much more difficult for anyone to steal from you.


However, even with these controls in place, there are more important things you need to consider as they relate to employee embezzlement. That is a topic I do NOT want in writing as it gives thieves an understanding of what to be on the lookout for. If you like, please schedule your free consultation, and I will discuss this with you in private.


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