Xero vs QuickBooks Online


by Katherine Miller

Intuit has dominated the accounting software market for years. Depending where you get your numbers, estimates put the company at 80-90% market share for small business accounting in North America. QuickBooks is a household name, with a reputation for reliability. It’s only relatively recently that the competition has begun to heat up – and it’s happening in the rapidly expanding field of cloud accounting software. Specifically, it’s happening with Xero.

Developed in New Zealand and initially geared toward the Australasian market, Xero now serves over 540,000 businesses in more than 100 countries. The company claims it provides “Beautiful Accounting,” focusing on ease of use, solid functionality, and an ambitious development schedule – product updates come out every 3-6 weeks. While QuickBooks Online remains a more popular program (serving over 1,150,000 businesses), Xero is beginning to look like a serious competitor … especially now that it’s venturing into areas in which QuickBooks once had a near-monopoly.

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